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Hot Rod Rock

21 May, 2013

Listen to a replay of the Show here

HellsBelles-Road Dogs Radio - Station ID for Hot Rod Rock with Road Dog Russ
HellsBelles "Barricades"
Voodoo Swing "Desert Hot Rod Race"
Voodoo Kings "Cramped Up"
Voodoo Kings "Easy Street"
Voodoo Kings "Rock & Roll Heart"
Snit's Dog & Pony Show "3AM in Mobile,Alabama"
Snit's Dog & Pony Show "Acceptance and Respect"
Snit's Dog & Pony Show "Roberta"
The Western Sizzlers "The Last Straw"
The Western Sizzlers "One More Beer"
The Western Sizzlers "I'll Die a Happy Man If It Kills Me"
Dixie Leadfoot & The Chrome Struts "Crackin' the Whip"
Dixie Leadfoot & The Chrome Struts "Heels On Fire"
The Smokejumpers "Them Pretty Boys Are All The Same But Us Ugly Guys Got Style"
The Smokejumpers "Diablo Sauce"
The Smokejumpers "Lucinda_Brown"
Ebenholt Slappers "Graveyard King"
Ebenholt Slappers "Johnny Dodge"
Ebenholt Slappers "Harley of Heaven"
The number 9 blacktops "Steel Belted Radials"
The number 9 blacktops "Big Rig"
The number 9 blacktops "Frankfort Avenue"
The Straight 8s "Baby,Baby,Baby"
The Straight 8s "I Got A Dime"
The Straight 8s "I Wanna Know"
Calling All Astronauts "I Wanna Be Your Dog"
Those Cats "Pancakes"
Background Music-Skinny Jim and The number 9 blacktops- "Big Rig"
RoadDogRuss "Tuesdays 4-6pm (utc-4)"