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Hot Rod Rock
25 June, 2013w/RoadDogRuss

RoadDogRuss Remembers Slim Whitman***RoadDogRuss Remembers Slim Whitman on HotRodRock***

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HotRodRock w/RoadDogRuss 25June2013 WSLR96.5LPFM/Sarasota,FL

Hell Drivers "rumble"
The Curse Of Mary Sue "Hoguera Noche"
***Slim Whitman***
Slim Whitman "Indian Love Call"
Slim Whitman "Sioux City Sue"
Slim Whitman "Happy Rovin' Cowboy"
Slim Whitman "Ragtime Cowboy Joe"
Slim Whitman "Rainbows Are Back In Style"
***Slim Whitman-Yodel***
Slim Whitman "That's How The Yodel Was Born"
Slim Whitman "Tennessee Yodel Polka"
Slim Whitman "Swiss Lullaby"
Slim Whitman "I'm Casting My Lasso"
Slim Whitman "Cattle Call"
***the neutronz***
the neutronz "LIL' MISS JANEY"
the neutronz "AFTERSHOCK"
the neutronz "JIMMY SHINE"
the neutronz "KNUCKLEHEAD"
***The Octanes***
The Octanes "Brandin Iron Blues'"
The Octanes "Something's Gotta Change"
The Octanes "Lousiana Radio"
The Octanes "don't flip your lid"
***Booze 'n Drinkin'***
Modern Earl "Hair of The Dawg!!!!"
Kenneth Davis "Beer Drinking Sound"
Steve Lawless "Corn Liquor"
The BlueCats "One More Whiskey"
Memphis Mike & the Legendary Tremblers "Drinking Money"
***Fort Worth***
The Quaker City Night Hawks "Crack at the Bottle"
Waiting For One "Vice and Sin"
Jenna Leigh And The Outcasts "Almost Crazy"
Ten Foot Tall and 80 Proof "Mud Flaps"
Christian D and The Hangovers "Life Gets in the Way"
The Hawkeyes "Junior's Night Out"
Junior "Trailer Park Tango"
RoadDogRuss "HotRodRock62513"