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Hot Rod Rock
9 July, 2013w/RoadDogRuss

***The Midnight Ride of RoadDogRuss***

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HotRodRock w/RoadDogRuss 9July2013
WSLR96.5LPFM/Sarasota,FL or

The Midnigh of RoadDogRuss on HotRodRock 9July2013

Jeff Beck Group "Going Down"
Slam Cartel "Mismatched Ties"
Slam Cartel "Powerstorm"
Airstryke "Booze O' Clock"
Burnt Tomorrow "From The Heart"
Calling All Astronauts "I Wanna Be Your Dog"
Mary's Ruin "Killer"
The Virginmarys "dead mans shoes"
Temple Dawn "Traces"
Hell Drivers "Because of You"
HellsBelles-Station ID for Hot Rod Rock and Road Dog Russ
HellsBelles "Overload"
HellsBelles "Screaming For Mercy"
HellsBelles "Storm Break Loose"
The Filth Hounds "Hooked on Love"
Hell To Pay "Judgement Day"
THE SHOW "Joy Ride"
Voodoo Kings "VooDoo Cars"
Tie One On "Buy Another Beer"
Tie One On "F.E.A.R."
Recluse "Porterhouse Blues"
Mike O'Cull "Good For Nothing Blues"
Temple Dawn "Shadows"
Cenobite "Prodigal Sun"
RoadDogRuss "HotRodRock7913"