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Hot Rod Rock

13 Aug, 2013

--***RoadDogRuss Lets Whiskey Whisk Me Away***-- HOT ROD ROCK 4-6 PM Tues. 8/13/13

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RoadDog's Playlist "Tuesdays 4-6pm (utc-4)"

Chillum "Georgia"
Gas Money "Diggin a Hole to Bury My Heart"
Gas Money "Yo Elvis"
Gas Money "Whiskey Drinkin' Friends"
Ry Bradley "Whiskey Whisk Me Away"
29 Mules "Stopped Drinking Whiskey"
Moose Allen "Teardrops and Whiskey"
Jayke Orvis and The Broken Band "Empty Bottles on a Broken Shelf"
Motel Ice Machine "Demon In A Bottle"
Jason and the Punknecks "Whiskey and Sin"
Mikel Knight and The Amazing Outlaw Band "Whiskey Drinkin'"
MoonShine Bandits "Whiskey River"
Rusty Van Sickle "Another Whiskey Bottle"
Gas Money "Every Empty Bottle"
Gas Money "Rockabilly Burnout"
JP Harris and the Tough Choices "two for the road"
Robb Strandlund "Beer Whiskey and Wine"
The Smokejumpers "Six Shots from the Bottle"
The Smokejumpers "Gasoline Gulping Man"
Old Death Whisper "Wish I was yer Bottle"
Carly Jamison "This Big Old Bottle"
The Quaker City Night Hawks "Crack at the Bottle"
Gerry Pearson Feat Jim Dyck "Whiskey and Wimmen"
The BlueCats "One More Whiskey"
The Devil's Daughters "Pass That Bottle"
WhiskeyKill "Whiskey and Cigarettes"
Superman Is Dead "Goodbye Whiskey"
Shy Blakeman "Swamp Water Whiskey"
The Sickstring Outlaws "Johnny Drank Jack"
The Devil Makes Three "They Call That Religion"
metallica "Whiskey In The Jar"