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Hot Rod Rock

20 Aug, 2013

--***RoadDogRuss/Summer,Beer,Surf and HHH***-- HOT ROD ROCK 4-6 PM Tues. 8/20/13

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Zydeco Crayz "Georgia Lu"
Damn Shame "Child of Hell"
Damn Shame "Ramblin' Rose"
Damn Shame "Streets of Gold"
Sunny Cowgirls "Summer"
Bubba Wilson "Beer Is Proof"
Gregory Bratton "Hold My Beer And Watch This"
Steve Lawless "Drinking For Jesus"
Fuel Injection "One Last Cold Beer"
Benn Gunn "I Like Girls that Drink Beer"
Mike Tozier "Fourteen Beers"
MotorBilly "Beer"
Tie One On "Buy Another Beer"
Waiting For One "Life's A Bitch, Gimme A Beer"
Aaron Wendt "Honkytonks, Nightclubs, Bars and Dives"
American Jenny "Dave's Darkhorse Tavern"
The Third Coast Outlaws "Tequila Cantina"
C.H.U.D. Missile "Surf Nazis Must Die!"
The Lucks "Surf Rat"
Vatos Locos Baja "Surf Drum Madness"
The Intoxicators "Mach Schnell Meine Kliene Buzzbomb"
The Intoxicators "The Goat"
The GOTOHELLS "Nascar Driver"
The GOTOHELLS "Shut Her Down"
The GOTOHELLS "That Girl"
The Downshifters "Back Seat Driver"
The Downshifters "Bad"
Ted Stevens and the Doo Shots "Cracked Dash"
Pretty Voices "Britney"
Pretty Voices "Crackle and Pop"