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Hot Rod Rock

27 Aug, 2013

--***HotRodRock is going to the Hot Rods w/RoadDogRuss***-- HOT ROD ROCK 4-6 PM Tues. 8/27/13

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Gunslinger "Bad Boy"
Gunslinger "Ready To Rock"
Gunslinger "That's Not My Name"
Frank Gregory "Souped up Model A Ford"
The Smokejumpers "Hot Rod Minivan"
Bobby Apostol "prius hot rod"
Michael Alexiou "Hotrod Momma Drivin' A Honda"
Winter Lies Dead "Hot Rod Demon"
MOTORBILLY "Hell in a Hot Rod"
Spur Gang "Hotrods from Hell"
The Cheetah Whores "Hot Rod Hell Kitten"
The Mighty Renegades "Hot Rod From Hell"
Los Leopaardos "Hot Rod"
Los Salvajes "Hot Rod Boogie"
Hank Biggs "Hot Rod Motor"
The Blacktop Ramblers "Hillbilly Hotrod"
Red Hill Ramblers "Hot Rod For Sale"
Zydeco Kings "Hot Rod"
Deuce Coupe "Hotrod Mama"
*Interview w/Tony from Los High Tops*
Los High Tops "Texas Radio"
The G-Men "Hot Rod Mama"
Reverend Wright & The Mystery Train Gamblers "Hot Rod Love"
The Prison Band "My Baby Is A Hotrod"
Hot Roddin' Romeos "My Baby Left Me(Cause I didn't have no Hot Rod)"
The Daytonas "Hot Rod Ford"
Voodoo Swing "Desert Hot Rod Race"
Hard Six "Hot Rod Voodoobilly Trailer Park Queen"
The Vintage Vandals "Hillbilly Hot Rod"
Powershake "Hot Rod Rockin'"
The Party Cats "Hotrods and RocknRoll"
Thunderosa- "Beer Soaked Hot Rods and Rock n Roll"
Joe Freeman "Hot Rod Rooster"