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Hot Rod Rock

6 Aug, 2013

--***RoadDogRuss celebrates 1 year on HotRodRock***-- HOT ROD ROCK 4-6 PM Tues. 8/6/13

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RoadDog's Playlist "Tuesdays 4-6pm (utc-4)"

The Atomic Drifters "Johnny Law"
the neutronz "DEAD OR ALIVE"
Black Monday "White Knuckle Dragster"
The Ratrod Cats "Rockabilly Rebel"
Los High Tops "Hep Cat Jump"
Matt Woods "Friday Night"
Voodoo Kings "Rock & Roll Hear"
The Rebellys "Loco de Amor"
Hell_Drivers "SHE MAKE ME CRAZY"
Mcknight&Bogdal "Pojo's Place"
Ry Bradley "Little Tattoo"
Mississippi Queen "Rockabilly Heaven Bound"
The HotRod Hornets "Long Tall Sally"
The Howling Bullets "GIMME THAT POTION"
Ginger St. James "Please Mr Driver"
The Octanes "Can't be Friends"
Christian D and the Hangovers "Hot Mess"
the neutronz "DEAD OR ALIVE"
Black Monday "Fight"
The Ratrod Cats "I ain't Lying"
Los High Tops "Texas Radio"
Matt Woods "No Beer in Heaven"
Voodoo Kings "Systems Green"
The Rebellys "Hill Billy"
Ry Bradley "Whiskey Whisk me Away"