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Hot Rod Rock

24 Sep, 2013

RoadDogRuss travels the globe Tuesday 24 September 4-6pm EDT

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Joe Fielding "Is That Your Dog"
Geezers Go! "Buy Me A Beer"
Help Me Devil "God Told Me To Rock & Roll"
The Wandering Bards-I Believe in Elvis ""
Elvis Presley "Return to Sender"
The Howling Bullets "GHOUL COUNTY LIMITS"
Flat Foot "Texas"
Flat Foot "Caveman Rock"
Flat Foot "Born To Boogie"
Mr. Boogie Woogie "Swanee River Boogie"
The River Sharks "The River Sharks Boogie"
The River Sharks "Big Bad Wolf"
The River Sharks "I'm Going Home"
The Ratrod Cats "Katalina"
The Ratrod Cats "Baby's Insane"
The Ratrod Cats "Don't Come Looking For Me"
Hell Drivers "Because of You"
Featured Artist:
The Curse of Mary Sue debut EP 'My Favourite Game'

The Curse of Mary Sue "My Favoourite Game"
The Curse of Mary Sue "Filthy Rich"
The Curse of Mary Sue "Those Girls"
The Curse of Mary Sue "All The Pretty Things"
The Curse of Mary Sue "Blood and Steel"
Previously released single
The Curse of Mary Sue "Hoguera Noche"
Back to our regularly scheduled programming
The Sideburners "Where Ya Been"
The Sideburners "My Kitty Kat"
The Sideburners "Stop That Girl"
Western Sand "Welcome To The Badlands"
Western Sand "A Place I Call Home"
The Trumps Band "Tangolangotango"
White Trash Picnic "One Whole Summer"