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Hot Rod Rock

12 March, 2013

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Dang Guilty: "Hot Rod"

Ted Stevens and The Doo Shots: "Roller Derby Girl"

Ted Stevens and The Doo Shots: "Die Hard"

Ted Stevens and The Doo Shots: "This Girl's Like Kryptonite"

Hell Drivers: "Better Man"

Hell Drivers: "Rescue Me"

Hell Drivers: "Because of You"

John Wayne Bro: "Wheelman"

John Wayne Bro: "Got My Mojo Workin"

John Wayne Bro: "Tie the Knot"

The House of Haunt: "Highway Horror"

The House of Haunt: "Dead"

THE DOWNSHIFTERS: "Concrete Shoes"

THE DOWNSHIFTERS: "Backseat Driver"

Steve Sipes: "What She Really Wants"

Green Jelly: "Three Little Pigs"

Green Jelly: "Obey The Cowgod"

The Scurvy: "Ship in a Bottle"

Burning Tree: "Something New(To Whine About)"

Another Roadside Attraction: "Square Dude in a Crop Circle"

Another Roadside Attraction: "Sometimes Blind"

Escape Tonight: "Every Whisper"

Escape Tonight: "Heart from Bone"

Tangled Mangos: "Whiskey"

Rob Zombie: "Werewolf Women of the SS"