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The NWOBHM Show 'The Lost Tapes Special' with Gram, Andro and RoadDogRuss
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The NWOBHM Show 'The Lost Tapes Special' - 5th June 2014
Gram & Andro co-hosted HotRodRock with RoadDogRuss
and talked about 'The Lost Tapes', NWOBHM, Vyper Records and a whole lot more

turn it up, loud as hell and let it rock!

'The Lost Tapes' by Witchfynde

1975 Demo
1. Grimoire
2. Madam Noname’
3. Halfway
4. Pastiche
5. Slow Down

1977 Demo
6. Valkyrian Ride
7. Tetelestai

Caution all shows must be played at FULL SHRED!