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Show Number 13

‘The Devil’s Luck – 13 Tracks of Hell’
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26th Jun 2013

The Filth Hounds:
"Nowhere To Go"

Part 1:
Hell to Pay
"Prisoners of War"
By Definition
"Devil's Eye"
King Nothing
"Petrol 4 My Devil"
No Closure
"No Hero In This Hell"

Part 2:
"Devil May Cry"
The Devil Rides Out
"While Dead Men Rest"
"Straight To Hell"

Part 3:
Hells Belles
"If It Don't Make Yer Ears Bleed (It Ain't Rockin Roll)"
Andro Coulton's ZXY
The Devil in the Details
"Weight of My Armour"
Hell's Addiction
"Breaking Free"