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The NWOBHM Show number 23
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Show 23 - 27th February 2014 Gram brings you a massive hit of British Heavy Metal, Rock and Classic Rock
turn it up, loud as hell and let it rock!

"I'll Never Know"
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Ten Ton Tabby
"9 to 5"
"Rise and Fall"
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Hells Belles
"Troubled Times"
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Driven Apart
"Shadow Built"
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"Nurture Vs Nunchuck"
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"The Lonely Wolf"
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Last Superheroes
"My Only Angel"
"The Lie YOu Are"
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Zombie Xtras
"From Hell"

"Born To Die"

Skull Fox
"Last Drags"

7 Days Dead
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"Swift Revenge"
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Caution all shows must be played at FULL SHRED!