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The NWOBHM Show number 25
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*Not fantastic sound quality - but fantastic songs*

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Show 25 - 3rd April 2014 Gram brings you a massive hit of British Heavy Metal, Rock and Classic Rock
turn it up, loud as hell and let it rock!

"Baptism Under Fire"

Devil's Answer
"Only With The Lights On"
"I wanna Be With You"

Stone Cold Kill
"Out For Blood"

Bad Solution
"Echo's Of The Cry"

"I Need Your Love"
Cherry White
"Don't Hold Me Back"

Last Crusader
"Beyond The Unfathomable"
The Modes
"Not This Time"

"Fall Away"
Black Of Night
"Not This Time"
Eye Of The Raven
"From The Ashes"

Andro Coulton
"Bring Me Down Gently"
"Sisters Of Fate"

Caution all shows must be played at FULL SHRED!