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Show Number 3

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Skam: "Touch Of Death"

Set 1:
Angelwitch: "Flight19"
Sledgehammer: "Fantasia"
Tytan: "The Watcher"

Feature Set: Cry
"My Plastic Clowns"
"Sin City"

Set 3:
Samson: "Hard times"
Sabre: " On the Loose"
Avenger: "Run For Your lIFE"

Feature Set: Hells Addiction
"Let The Good Times Roll"

Set 5:
SWINGFIRE: "King The Parlor Stars"
SWINGFIRE: "Invisible Love"
HellsBelles: "Scars"

Set 6:
Legal Tender: "Only Human"
Crucifixion: "Green Eyes"
More: "Warhead"

Motorhead: "Shine"