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Show Number 4

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The NWOBHM Show number 4 play list 27/02/13

Hells Addiction:
"Let The Good Times Roll"
The Show:
"Back Scratcher"
"Rock and Roll"
The Boy In The Attic:
"Winding Stairs"
"Step Into The Future"
"Black Out The World"
Hells Belles Interview (part 1):
"Screaming For Mercy"
"Dirty Girls"
"Scars" (acoustic session)
Slam Cartel:
"Wishing Eye"
"Handful of Dreams
Hells Belles Interview (part 2):
"Gone But Not Forgotten" (acoustic session)
"Wastin' Away"
"Left Me Cold"
"Party Girl"
"Booze O'clock"
Hells Addiction: